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How To Make The Most Of Small Exhibition Space

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If you've completed an item that you would like to sell and want to take it to a trade show, you might be in for a bit of a shock when you realize exactly how expensive large trade show areas can be. However, it's possible to purchase the rights to a small trade show area and ensure that it is an effective tool to market your new product. Here are three awesome ideas to make sure that your exhibition space is being used effectively.

1. Use a Walk-In Island

If you have a physical product that will need to be demoed to a wave of people who are interested in your product, consider setting up a trade show island that you can walk into. A trade show island is basically a table that is tall enough for people to stand at comfortably where items can be displayed or demoed. If you have a large space, you can have several of these islands, even one for every show person.

With a smaller space, you aren't going to have the room for multiple islands. Instead, use a big island with a hole cut out in the middle. Make sure that this hole is big enough for three or four people to stand in and move about comfortably. This way you can have many show people inside the island, demoing your product to people on the outside.

2. Make Every Surface Have Two Purposes

Make sure that every surface has two purposes. For example, if you have the walk-in island, you can put information about the product on the top surface of the island. It can double as an information sign as well as an island. If you have a sign, make sure that it can display information about your product in a larger font, but is also rigged to hold fliers that people can take with them in order to get more information. If you use every surface for two purposes, you can make sure that your space is being used effectively.

3. Have a Clear Flow of Direction

Have one entrance and one exit for your exhibition space. This will keep the flow of people moving in one direction and ensure that everyone does not get in each other's way. This will allow your booth to feel less cramped, but it will also invite more people into your exhibit, because they won't be deterred by a disorganized mob of people. 

For more information, talk to a product design firm. They will have ideas as how to best display your product at a trade show.